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David Ross, Landscape Photographer


David Ross and his son Garett

Here’s the boring bit: I was born in Chicago, Illinois, in 1956, which makes me, um, older than I feel. I moved to Canada when I was 12, and to the UK in 2004. None of which has anything to do with my photography.

I remember my first camera very clearly; my grandmother gave me an old Agfa 35mm with a fixed lens. I remember nothing about the camera itself save that it took very poor photos. Oh, hang on. Maybe it was the photographer.

Somewhere along the way I picked up a Kodak 110 – remember those? I thought not. But my first real camera was a 35mm Nikon FM, which was actually a pretty good manual camera. It was a solidly built piece of kit; so solid that you could probably have driven nails with it, which, given my lack of skill, might have been a better use of the FM.

I attended the Ampro School of Photography in Vancouver, Canada, but never graduated, as my newborn son had so many health problems that I had to pull out of the school and stay at home to help him through the first 6 months of his life. My family and I then moved to a fairly obscure corner of British Columbia, and I practiced my photography in the beautiful forests and mountains of the West Kootenay region.

Porth Oer, Lleyn 8699

Porth Oer, The Whistling Sands, Lleyn, Wales


For the most part my photography has been self-taught. I dabbled at what I’­d call ‘fine art’ landscape photography, and had the good fortune to have my work selected for publication in a a couple of local calendars. I exhibited my framed photos locally, and even sold a few, but it was not until I moved to the UK in 2004 that I began to get really serious about my photography.

Whoa! Back up! How did I get from British Columbia to England? Well, in 1998 I jumped on the Internet bandwagon, taught myself HTML, and began publishing the website that was to eat up much of my life for the next 12 years; a travel guide to the UK called Britain Express ( It was a lot of fun, and the success of the website enabled me to move to the UK. Of course, the UK Immigration people were more interested in the fact that my wife’­s mother was born in England!

In the course of researching travel information for publication on the Britain Express website, I have had the onerous task of travelling to every corner of this wonderful land; from the Orkneys to the Norfolk Broads, from Land’s End to Anglesey, I have had the privilege of visiting and photographing an awful lot of the UK over the past several years. Its been a wonderful experience, and over the course of that time I have enjoyed honing my photographic skills and developing my own peculiar vision.

Liathach at dawn, Glen Torridon

Liathach at dawn, Glen Torridon, Wester Ross, Scotland


I enjoy photographing a wide range of subjects, with my particular favourites being historic sites, medieval churches, countryside scenery, and seascapes. Nowadays I live with my wife and two wonderful children in a lovely little village in the north Cotswolds called Upper Rissington. I keep bringing up the possibility of moving to someplace more exotic, like the Orkneys, or the Isle of Skye, but my spouse has so far resisted. I have a terrific time travelling about the UK, and I hope that my love of British landscape, geography, and heritage comes through in my photographs.

— David



It’s easy to think of artist’s ‘vision statements’ or ‘mission statements’ as a bunch of nose-in-the-air fluff. But in my experience most people get into forms of artistic expression because they are genuinely moved to do so, prompted by some sort of inner urging. I’ve heard it described as something inside that needs to get out, or simply finding a way to express our deepest and most meaningful experiences of being alive.

In my case I haven’t a clue why I got into photography in the first place; it just fascinated me.

But the more I have photographed, the more it has dawned on me what I was really trying to express. My most powerful experiences of life have been those magical times when I am in close communion with nature. In those moments I feel as if I’m connected to something beyond myself, connected to something universal and endless. I hope that through my photographs you can catch of a glimpse of that sense of awe and wonder that keeps prompting me to get up at 4am, stay out as the sun goes down, and connect in the most genuine way I know how with the wonder of the world around us.

David Ross photography


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