UK fine art landscape prints by David Ross

UK Fine Art Landscape Prints – made with love

What does ‘made with love’ mean?

Perhaps you read the slogan at the top of every page of this website? Made with love? How do you make an image or a print with love?

When I decided to start this website and market my photos I thought long and hard about what sort of message I wanted to send people who were interested in my photos. What was it important to say about my photography?

Hawes End, Derwent Water

Hawes End, Derwent Water, Lake District


I could have talked about how great my camera gear is (thanks, Nikon) …

I could have talked about how the prints are made and how great the printers are that we use, or how long you can expect the prints to last …

I could have talked about how friendly we are (all companies say that!) or how we send a personalised note with every print.

But what was it really important to say?


I decided that the REAL message I wanted to send was my connection with the land, my sense of wonder, awe, and yes, love, that make what I do so precious and meaningful to me. Now, don’t worry, I’m not a religious nutcase and I’m not trying to secretly preach or convert you to a peculiar ‘cult of the British landscape’ group!

But its like this … when I’m out with my camera gear, experiencing the wonder of nature, its the closest I feel to what I’d call God, or love, or just the deepest beauty of life. Someone else might call it being close to nature, and that’s cool. I might see a sunset and feel connected to the infinite magnificence of the Universe, while you might say, ‘ooh, how pretty’. No big difference, really!

Its just that my most amazing experiences as a human being (aside from marrying my wife!) have come while photographing the natural landscape of Britain. Watching the rising sun paint the sky above Callanish stone circle astonishing hues of red and orange is an experience I will never forget; as if a window opened that allowed me to glimpse for the briefest of moments the true wonder of life. In those moments, I feel blessed, and full of awe and, yes, love. Its that sense of love and wonder and gratitude that I try to share through my photographs. If some of that love comes through, great; enjoy it. If not, no problem, I hope you enjoy my photographs for whatever joy they give you.

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