UK fine art landscape prints by David Ross

National Trust for Scotland Foundation USA Print Collection

Fine art prints of Scotland
Half of the proceeds from prints sales in this collection go directly to the National Trust for Scotland to support their essential work in preserving Scottish countryside, historic buildings, and heritage. Please help preserve the magical landscapes you see here for future generations to enjoy.

About the National Trust for Scotland Foundation USA

David RossThe NTSUSA, to give it a slightly more manageable name, is an American charity which aims to support the National Trust for Scotland. Americans, many of whom have Scottish ancestry, can help preserve Scottish heritage through membership or donations to the NTSUSA.

By a series of ‘coincidences’ I became friends with the former director of the NTSUSA, as we both shared a passion for historic houses. Through him I became more aware of the NTSUSA and the NTS in Scotland. When the opportunity arose to share my images with an American audience through the NTSUSA I didn’t hesitate.

I’m honoured to be the Official Photographer for the National Trust for Scotland Foundation USA. But I’d be even more honoured if you, reading this, decide to support the essential work of the NTS, either by purchasing a print or by making a contribution to the NTS or the NTSUSA. Together, we can ensure that beautiful scenes like those in this collection are still around for our children to enjoy.

A Message from the NTSUSA

The National Trust for Scotland Foundation USA has granted more than $6.5 million to support the work of the National Trust for Scotland since 2000. Through their generosity, Americans have played a significant role in stewarding 129 heritage properties, ranging from Castles and great houses to battlefields and mountains.

I am sure that David Ross’s­ photography will inspire you to visit Scotland soon. When you go, an active membership in the National Trust for Scotland will not only provide you with access to the very best of Scotland’­s historic sites, gardens, and conserved countryside, it will also save you many dollars (or pounds).

In the meantime, your support of the mission of the Trust can also be demonstrated though the purchase of one of the limited edition photographs from David Ross’s­ National Trust for Scotland Foundation collection, that he has so generously made available to us. I sincerely hope you will choose one you like and place your order today.

James Hare
Executive Director
National Trust for Scotland Foundation USA