UK fine art landscape prints by David Ross

Isle of Colonsay

Scotland Fine Art Landscape Prints

It is a mystery to me why Colonsay is not more of a popular tourist attraction. Its one of the smaller Hebridean islands, but the staggering beauty of the landscape is quite incredible. I love the area so much I find myself periodically studying estate agent advertisements for the island.


From tip to toe Colonsay probably only measures 10 miles or so, without counting the Isle of Oronsay, joined to the south tip of Colonsay by The Strand, a beach which can only be crossed at low tide. Yet within the bounds of this small island is a wonderful collection of Hebridean scenery. The only recognisable ‘attraction’ is Colonsay House Gardens, a lush garden surrounding an 18th century manor. There are ancient sites scattered everywhere across the Colonsay landscape, including a holy well said to have been established by St Columba, and numerous standing stones, like the one at Garvard, with views over to Jura.

There’s a small airport carved out of the flat machair grassland at Machrins, near a golf course that includes wandering sheep among its hazards. Near the ferry terminal at Scalasaig is the Colonsay Hotel, with a popular restaurant and bar which acts as something of a social hub for the island. Roaming the north east tip of the island are a herd of semi-wild deer said to have been descended from livestock carried abord a Spanish galleon that came aground on Colonsay during its escape from the wreck of the Armada. Perhaps one of the most recent things to see is a giant whale sculpture, composed of small white stones that create a huge outline on the grass near Port an Obain.

You might be able to gather that I love Colonsay! Its a magical environment, with quite stunning Hebridean landscape and the most astonishing sunsets I’ve ever seen.